DONMAC Data – S.T.A.R.T. Collaboration

Manage risk and Deliver performance with Technology Security, Programme Management and Training Solutions.



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Our Approach

Our Technology

Focusing on Big Data and security aspects such as hacking, cybersecurity, and much more.

Our Customers

Supporting customers with data-centre solutions, training, global networking, and much more.

Our Expertly Aligned Digital Solutions


We are experts in Virtual and Augmented Reality, Blockchain, 5G, IOT and Artificial Intelligence. Alongside our unrivalled expertise, these innovations all assist us in training, informing and up-skilling the maritime community by mitigating cybersecurity risk and driving digitalisation.

Our areas of specialism include:

  • Technical Alignment
  • Business Intelligence
  • Peer to Peer collaboration
  • Smart solutions – Automation, Mitigation, & Performance

  • Security – Audit, Technology, and Remediation
  • Technology Test Bed, Research, & Development Lab
  • Datacentre Solutions
  • Security and Resilience


Our Security Strategy Is Built In, Not Bolt On


Problem statement

Specialist resources

Risk plan

Unrelenting focus

Implement solutions


Our Technology Partners




  • The wide availability of hyper scale cloud solutions from companies such as Amazon and Microsoft have radically transformed computing in the last few years. This is perhaps down
  • It is normal as we change decades to reflect on many things. Firstly, I’ve just realised that this is my fourth decade in the computer industry, which is
  • Over the latter quarter of 2019, it became apparent that ransomware issues have begun to accelerate significantly. With (at scale) data centre operators, small marketing agencies, the US
  • My route into the maritime world was a circuitous one. In fact, most of my career has been focused on technology, including telecoms, software development and computing. Ten
  • A hand clicking a screen with a diagram of digital terms mapped out.
    Disruption. Revolution. Quantum leap. We’ve become accustomed to hearing some pretty alarming language in discussions around digitalisation and the way in which it will ‘transform’ our industry. Digital